Network with colleagues and hear from seasoned ministry leaders during an interactive gathering over lunch. These are a paid add-on ($39; plated lunch included). Note that there are two options for Friday and Saturday.

Friday Luncheons

Halley Scully

Helping You Help Others: Caring Across Cultures in Your Church and Community

Speaker: Haley Scully, MA

For more than 10 years, and in 26 countries throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, Haley Scully has shared lay-care training with thousands of church and ministry leaders through the international mission of Hope for the Heart. As an Oklahoma-grown Bible-belt kind of woman, everywhere the Lord has led her to serve has been across cultures other than her own. Come hear perspectives and practical strategies to consider as you serve in lay-care, mentoring, and discipling initiatives in increasingly diverse churches and communities.

Dwight Bain

The QL Coaching and Caregiving Formula: A Model for Behavioral Change

Speaker: Dwight Bain, MA

Ever wonder why people talk about change, make resolutions to change, buy books about change, and then settle for an average life with broken dreams? Far too many of us don’t understand how blind spots and biases can block the motivation for lasting change. If we don’t see the gaps, we may keep repeating the same old problems from the past. It has been said you will either face the pain of regret or experience the pain of self-discipline. Discover four levels to use in guiding clients toward rapid and lasting behavioral change.

Saturday Luncheons

John Trent

Three Biblical Tools to Help Face Unavoidable Challenges in Coaching and Caregiving

Speaker: John Trent, PhD

The need for Christian Life Coaching and Caregiving today is staggering. But so, too, are the immense challenges that can block us from bringing help, hope, direction, and purpose to those in need. Come discover key biblical tools that can help unleash you as a life coach or caregiver to move your ministry and clients toward a more positive future.

Gary Rosberg and Barb Rosberg

Finding the MORE in Your Marriage

Speaker: Gary Rosberg, EdD, and Barb Rosberg

This luncheon will be a time of encouragement for both life coaches and lay caregivers to experience the “more in our marriages,” as well as for those we serve. God designed marriage as the first institution in His creation. We were created to experience companionship and togetherness, yet countless marriages live with the silent question, “Isn’t there more?” Many marriages have lost sight of how to experience the “more” of connection, intimacy, and spiritual oneness. The luncheon will both affirm God’s design for marriage and equip coaches and caregivers with helpful insights and coaching strategies.

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